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The Collagen Drink V / Shiseido

Buy from Japan Collagen Drink Shiseido
The Collagen Drink V / Shiseido

Reference Price: JPY1,657

Description & Comment

  • Maker:Shiseido

    Description : The Collagen Drink V "Take the first step toward a beautiful new you with 12 types of beauty-supporting ingredients." Contents 50ml/bottle. Drink 1 bottle per day. Refrigerate and shake well before drinking

    Nutrition Facts per Serving (50ml/bottle)
    Calories:8.5kcal, Protein:1.1g, Fat:0g, Carbohydrates:5.1g, Sodium:7.6g, Vitamin B2:4mg, Vitamin B6:10mg, Vitamin C:100mg, Vitamin E:10mg, Collagen:1,000mg, Hyaluronic acid:5mg, Ceramide 600µg, GABA:28mg, Ornithine:28mg, Royal jelly (raw conversion):100mg