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Sharp Plasma Cluster Humidification Air Cleaner KC-E70-W

Sharp Plasma Cluster Humidification Air Cleaner KC-E70-W

Reference Price: JPY40,064

Description & Comment

  • Maker: Sharp | Description: Humidification Air Cleaner (Air cleaning: 50.2m2 (31jo) humidification: - 27.5m2(17jo)) KC-E70-W white system [the plasma cluster deployment, PM2.5 correspondence] | Model number: KC-E70-W | JAN code: 4974019820163 | Released: September 20, 2014 | Color: White | Size (H X W X D): 637*420*242mm | Power supply cord length 1.8m | Weight App. 8.6 kg | Application floor space: [humidification] Prefab house Western-style room: 17 tatami / wooden construction Japanese-style room: 10 tatami [the air cleanliness] 31 tatami [plasma cluster] approximately 17 tatami Aim of cleanliness time [the humidification air cleanliness] 8 tatami - 12 share [the air cleanliness] 8 tatami -9 share | Quantity of wind 6.8-1.5m3/m | Driving sound 54 - 21dB | Maximum Humidification power 600mL/h | Humidification method: Vaporization method | Water tank capacity App. 3.0L | Power 77-3.5W | Filter for exchange [dust collection filter (HEPA filter)] FZ-D70HF [deodorant filter] FZ-D70DF [humidification filter] FZ-Y80MF [Ag+ ion cartridge] FZ-AG01K1 | Filter life [dust collection filter (HEPA filter)] is app. 1 year (app. 10 years) [Ag+ ion cartridge] [humidification filter] [deodorant filter] for app. 120 months for app. 10 years for app. 10 years | Dust collection method Filter dust collection | Ion: High density Plasma Cluster 7000