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KinKi Kids Concert 2013-2014 [L] 2DVDs [DVD]

KinKi Kids Concert 2013-2014 [L] 2DVDs [DVD]

Reference Price: JPY5,832

Description & Comment

  • Price : See Picture or Seller's Website

    Seller: @Jewelry Music

    Maker: Sony Music

    Description & Comment : Available from Oct22nd 2014. 2 DVDs with 12p booklet. Includes the concert held at Tokyo Dome on January 1st 2014.
    ◆DISC-1 Opening Documentary/OVERTURE/Cool Beauty/3-2-1/99%LIBERTY/硝子の少年/まだ涙にならない悲しみが/INTER/WELCOME/命のキセキ/ウタカタ/Morning Glory/スピード/全部だきしめて/Documentary & Interview/Glorious Days 〜ただ道を探してる/むくのはね/恋は匂へと散りぬるを/i love you/Tomorrow Again/もう君以外愛せない/INTER/ビロードの闇/Destination/Secret Code/愛のかたまり/Candle Night/Candle Night CHASER
    ◆DISC-2 <ENCORE> スワンソング/やめないで,PURE/雨のMelody/to Heart/永遠のBLOODS/フラワー <W ENCORE> Anniversary/Documentary & Interview <SPECIAL REEL> スピード Music clip