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SUSgallery Titanium vacuum tumbler 230cc

SUSgallery Titanium vacuum tumbler 230cc

Reference Price: JPY16,200

Description & Comment

  • Maker: SusGallery

    Description : This tumbler made of Titanium has 2 layers wrapping an airless space that works as thermal insulation. It allows to keep temperature of the liquid 6 times longer than standard glass cold or hot. This was manufactured by Susgallery in the city of Tsubame in the Niigata Prefecture in Japan which is a well known for Metalwork technique since Edo period. Type: Mirror. Size 77mm 80mm 65mm. Weight 90g. There are 2 other patterns (colors) Sepia Matte at different price. Can print your name on the tumbler.

    Comment: You can drink hot tea, hot coffee or cold beers or shochu without feeling the temperature of the liquid with your hand and will keep its temperature for much longer time than a normal glass or cup. The 'Keshiki' series was selected as an official gift from Japanese government at the closing lunch of APEC 2010 held in Japan. Susgallery offers a full range tableware products available at their retail stores. A list is available on their website