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Tatami Mat Ran with Japanese Rush / Kagunosato

Tatami Mat Ran with Japanese Rush / Kagunosato

Reference Price: JPY8,164

Description & Comment

  • Price : See Picture or Seller's website

    Seller: Kagu no Satoy

    Maker: Kagu no Sato

    Description: This is a 87cm * 87cm mat type of TATAMI which you can easily put on top of wood floors, these mats are lighter and thinner (around 2.0cm) than standard type and you could easily put them on the wooden floor by yourself, the material is made of 100% rush which are mostly used for tatami. Rush of this tatami mat is made in Kyushu Prefecture in Japan. You can choose different border color from brown, black and light green. This is made in Japan. Weight 4kg estimated per tatami.