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Buckwheat Pillow SUYALAB Feather Down Normal / Nishikawa


(2015/2/10 04:10時点)

Buckwheat Pillow SUYALAB Feather Down Normal / Nishikawa

Reference Price: JPY9,720

Description & Comment

  • Price : See Picture or Seller's website

    Seller: Nishikawa Futon Factory

    Maker: Showa Nishikawa

    Description: This is a Pillow of the famous Brand NISHIKAWA. Nishikawa is the most famous brand in Japan known to make high quality beds and comforter and related goods. The quality is guaranteed. This Pillow was made in collaboration (developped) with Swedish maker PERSTORP and is using Siliver Salt and Polygiene in order to maintain antimicrobial effect and keep it out of bad smell. Size 63cm*43cm It is made of Polyesthele 63% and Nylon 23%, 100% bucwheat inside. Made in Japan. I would recommend it if you like Highest Quality and Design you can find in Japan. Weight 3-4 kg estimated