Buy from Japanese Personal Shopper - FAQ

 Can I buy ANY item?

You can buy any item as long as we can buy in japan and ship to your location subject to the compliance with laws and regulations.

*Restricted or Prohibited items by International, Japanese or your country's laws/regulations, and some items with constraints for approvals, license or other procedures to buy and export are excluded. Examples: Adults goods, Animals, Credit Cards, Currency, Weapons, Knives, Military items, Government documents, Personal Information, Hazardous materials, lockpicking devices, Lottery tickets, Plants and seeds, Prescription drugs, Slot machines, Stamps, Stocks and Securities, Tabacco. Please see Restricted Items. And please contact us for details.


 Can I buy from Anywhere ? 

We cover over 120+ countries worldwide. From Asia, Oceania, North/Central/South America, Middle East, Europe to Africa, we cover in general all countries covered by EMS, DHL, FEDEX, SAL. Please check details here List of Countries.


 What is my total cost of Shopping ?


SHOPPING COST includes: Selling Price of the Item and Domestic Shipping Fee (Shipping fee from the seller to our office) for Online Shops and Transport Fee (Eg Train or Bus to visit a Retail Store) for Retail Stores. SHIPPING COST includes international shipping fee to be paid to shipping service provider and may include cost of insurance. And PayPal charges or bank transfer charges need to be added.


 What is the Commission of WEBUY ? 


No Minimum fee ; Additional fee JPY2000 / hour in case we need to visit stores.


 Where can I find items to buy ?

Please see Best Sellers and Major Shops to find the items you are looking for. You can of course REQUEST US directly we are here to help ! Follow us on our Facebook, Twitter or WEIBO where you may find new items. Otherwise GOOGLE any item and we will chase it !


 How Can I pay ?

Paypal, Credit Cards (MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, JCB) or Bank wire transfer. We highly recommend Paypal as it is most often cheaper. Paypal charges 4.06%+JPY42 and it doesnt take too much time to create an account.  We also accept Credit Cards which is simple as well, all you need is a PC and Email address.    

 Can I Return Items for Exchange or Refund after payment ?

You can Refund the full amount in case the item becomes out of stock after your payment. You can Return items for a Refund or Exchange after delivery if your return meets the criteria of the seller. You cannot Return, Refund or Exchange if the item is a second hand item or bought at auction or if the seller does not accept your return or if you select a shipping carrier without insurance coverage. Please read our Terms of Use for details.


 How Secure is this Website ?

This Website is highly secured using an encryption method called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to keep your informaiton safe and ensure secure communication with you. SSL encrypts all information and data you provide through our Website and can only be decrypted by our server.


 How Secure is my Payment ? 

Paypal uses an encryption method called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to keep your information safe on its website. And Paypal is committed to protecting the privacy of all users. Therefore payments using Paypal Account or Credit Cards without Paypal account through Paypal's website will be highly secured by Paypal. And Webuy will NOT have access to your bank account number or credit cards number from Paypal. Please contact your bank to ensure security for payment by Bank Transfer. 


 When and How Do I pay Duty/Tax at Customs ?

The payment of Duties and Taxes are the responsibility of the RECEIVER. So you have to pay the amount claimed by the customs of your country when receiving your item. 


 How do you ship the Items ? 

We generally use EMS but you can select DHL, FEDEX or SAL as well.


 What is EMS?

Express Mail Service (EMS) is a top speed international mail service provided by Japan Post Co., Ltd for sending up to 30kg of documents and goods simply and conveniently to over 120 countries and territories worldwide.


 Can I track my package ? 

 Of course you can ! We will give you the tracking number once the shipment is completed. Please have a look at Package Tracking


 Is there any Shipping Insurance?

Yes there is a shipping insurance programme for international shipping offered by EMS and We strongly recommend it. With EMS offered by Japan Post, your item is covered for free for Claim Amount below 20,000JPY. You can also upgrade the maximum Claim Amount by paying 50JPY for each 20,000JPY. The upper limit of the claim amount is 2,000,000JPY under this programme. 

 What is the maximum size and weight that can be shipped ?

The maximum length of the box that can be sent by EMS is 1.5m. The maximum Weight that can be shipped by EMS is 30 kg. With Fedex we can ship items over 30 kg. Limits are all different depending on the country but we could also use Freight Shipping. In any case please contact us.


 Can I cancel the order after payment of shopping cost ?

Once the payment is confirmed, we will go buy the items immediately so your order cannot be cancelled.


 Can I buy PCs?

We can buy and send it by international shipping (EMS,SAL,FedEX). We can send a note PC, a digital camera, a cell-phone, the product including the lithium-ion battery. HOWEVER there are some exceptions depending countries you are located. Please contact us.


 Can I buy from any online shop in Japan?

Yes, you can. For example, Amazon, Rakuten, Sanrio shop etc.


 Can I buy from any retail store?

Yes, you can. We are located and live in Tokyo. So we can go to Ginza, Shibuya, Yurakucho, Ginza, Asakusa, Tokyo station from our office in about 20 minutes.  We are asking for additional charge JPY2000/hour. Please contact us for details. 


 How long will it take to France?

If we can buy your item within a day (which is generally the case for goods that can be found in Shibuya or Ginza or main areas). Then we will send it out the next day and will arrive in three/four days in France. You can receive normally your item in 5/6days. (EMS)


 How long will it take to Hong Kong?

If we can buy your item within a day (which is generally the case for goods that can be found in Shibuya or Ginza or main areas). Then we will send it out the next day and will arrive in two days in Hong Kong. So You can receive normally your item in 3/4days. (EMS)


 Are you Japanese?

Yes, we are all Japanese. And we speak English, French and Japanese.


  I ordered two Items. Can you ship them together?

Yes, you can. We can send them together. We send it maximum packing weight, 30 kg in total as the upper limit by EMS. However you will need to pay additional storage fee to keep your items for more than one month. 


 Can you wrap items as a GIFT/PRESENT ?

Sure. With an optional charge JPY500-1000 around depending on size of items, we will wrap your item beautifully.