Buy Limited Studio Ghibli Merchandise & T-shirts from Japan

Official Studio Ghibli goods store "DONGURI KYOWAKOKU" pop up store will be held at Shibuya Tokyu Toyoko from May 3rd to May 16th

You can buy Official Limited Studio Ghibli Merchandise including "Totoro"(from My Neighbor Totoro) T-Shirt, tote bag, "Kiki & Jiji"(Kiki's Delivery Service) tote bag, pierce, ear ring, necklace. You can find so many official & limited items with the most popular characters from the Ghibli movies at the "DONGURI KYOWAKOKU" pop up store. Don't miss this opportunity to buy Limited Ghibli Merchandise from Japan! Donguri Kyowakoku is a store with nothing but Studio Ghibli anime items and if you’re looking for stuffed animals or accessories inspired by the films of legendary anime director Hayao Miyazaki and his cohorts, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Donguri Kyowakoku

Studio Ghibli's Donguri Kyowakoku & Closet pop up store

■ Date : May 3rd to May 16th
■ Store : Tokyu Toyoko West 1st Floor Shibuya ScrambleI Pop Up stage A/C, Tokyo, Japan
■ Items : Donguri Kyowakoku & Closet pop up store

Donguri Kyowakoku Online Shop

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