Buy Sailor moon "Moonlight" & “Starlight” Special Collaboration items from Japan

Sailor moon Isetan 2018 pop up event "Let's Have a "Moonlight"& "Starlight" Party!" will be held at Shinjuku Isetan from March 14th to March 20th

You can buy Sailor moon "Moonlight" and “Starlight” Special Collaboration items during the event at the pop up store at Shinjuku Isetan in Japan. "Moonlights" Special Collaboration items includes Sailor moon Samantha vega collaboration bags, Sailor moon Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice Shoulder bags, wallets, charms, smartphone cases, Sailor moon Samantha Tiara necklaces, pierces, Sailor Moon Narue room wears, pouches. “Starlight”Special Collaboration items inclues Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Bikini, Sailor Starlights Long T-Shirt, Sailor Starlights Denim Pants, Sailor Starlights Choker & Pierce, Sailor Moon Feather Hair Clip, Sailor Guardians Choker, Sailor Guardians Earring /Pierce, Legendary Silver Crystal Pierce, Moon Stick Earring/Pierce, Cutie Moon Rod Earring/Pierce, Spiral Heart Moon Rod Earring/Pierce, Kaleido Moon Scope Earring/Pierce, Cosmic Heart Compact Pierce, Pretty Guardians Chibi T, Pleated skirts, Cosmic heart g jan, Sailor moon belt, Socks sets, Multi pouches, Cosmic heart compact totes, Floor mats, Big T-shirts, Sailor neck hoodies.

Sailor moon Isetan 2018 pop up event "Let's Have a "Moonlight"& "Starlight" Party!"

■ Time : from March 14th to March 20th
■ Store : Shinjuku Isetan 2nd Floor Tokyo, Japan
■ Items : Moonlights Special Collaboration items, Starlight Special Collaboration items

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