We are proud to announce our Commission Free Campaign ! You can buy any item from below shops without Any Commission, Free of Charge. Your Total Cost of Shopping will be Just Price of Items + Shipping fee based on Actual Weights.

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WEBUY is a Personal Shopper in Japan providing Shopping & Shipping service. You can Buy from any Online Shopping Website, Online Auction site or Retail Store in Japan and Ship to Anywhere in the world.

Buy from Any Online Shopping site or Retail Store in Japan 

▪ Buy from Japanese Online Shopping sites ( Amazon Japan, Rakuten etc )

▪ Buy Limited Items Available Only in Stores in Japan  

▪ Buy Rare Items at Online Auction sites ( Yahoo Auction, Rakuten Auction etc )

▪ Buy Tickets for Live Concerts, Sports, Theaters ( Jpop Live, Sumo, Kabuki etc ) 

Subscribe to Japanese Magazines 

▪ Store Purchased Items and Combine them to save on Shipping Cost


Our Personal Shopping Service

You can Shop Fast, Safe, Easy and Save Money


✔ Our Commission is Only 8% of Price of Items with No Minimum Fee

    Additional JPY2000/h if visit to Store is required

✔ Package Consolidation is Free of Charge

    For Purchased Items with us to Save on Shipping Cost

✔ Storage of Items is Free of Charge for One Month

    For Purchased Items with us to Combine Items for Shipping

✔ Safe & Secure Payment PayPal / Credit Cards / Bank Transfer

    We do not have access to your Bank Acc / Credit Card Details with Paypal

✔ Fast Shopping

    We are in 20 min from Main Shopping Areas in Tokyo

✔ Easy Shopping

    We provide Full Support: Tips & Advice, Price Comparison, Select Shipping carrier

    Track your Package, Return / Exchange / Refund Assistance

Your Total Cost of Shopping



Price of Item(s) + Shipping Fee + Our Commission

Our Commission is 8% of the Purchase Price of Item(s)*


  *No Minimum fee Additional Charge JPY2000/hour for visit to Stores 



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